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When learning how to start a blog, you must give it a name. A domain is the name of your website such as,, ETC. Picking a good name and one that is not taken by someone else could be a daunting task, especially since there are millions of new websites created each year, luckily I have some sure-fire ways to help you get the best domain for your website.

Before I tell you where to get your domain, I want to give you my success strategy for finding the best domain.

How to Pick Best Domain for Your Website

  1. When selecting a domain you want to go with something easy and memorable.
  2. Never use complicated or tricky spelling otherwise you’re just wasting your time.
  3. Think about keywords too. What keywords define your business that can also be used to make your website rank when the time comes.
  4. Try and keep your domain name 3 words or less.

My first recommendation is to use your business name. By using your business name makes it easier for customers/visitors to remember your name.

Let me make an example, let’s say you sell candles if your business name is ‘Magical Aroma Candles By Chelsea.’ Don’t use that. That domain is WAY too long, and expecting someone to type that incorrectly is ridiculous. Try something like, ‘CheleseaCandles’ or ‘MagicalCandles’.

Is the .COM version of that domain taken? No worries! There’s plenty of other domain extensions like .NET, ORG, and ETC. Don’t be afraid to try New Top Level Domains such as .SHOP, .XYZ, .STORE, .SITE, and ETC. With a New Top Level Domain your domain will look like:

Those domain names have a ring to them, right?

Now the time that you have been waiting for!

Where to Check Domain Availability

Now that you have an idea what domain is available, head back to our guide and search for your domain. Once you find the perfect domain head over to A2 Hosting and purchase your domain during the initial hosting setup or on its own.

In the next lesson, I will show you the best hosting for your blog and website.

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