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We are going to upload and install a recommended WordPress theme to your site. This process is so simple that it will make your head spin. For this tutorial we will be using the Flatsome Theme, make sure that you have purchased it before it from before you continue.

Not feeling Flatsome? I have other recommended WordPress themes to choose from.

How to Easily Install WordPress Theme on Website

If you already have your theme downloaded to your computer, skip the following paragraph.

How to Install WordPress Theme

First, start by downloading your theme from the developer. In this tutorial, we are using Flatsome theme from Theme Forest. Start by logging into your account and go to the ‘Downloads’ page under your account username. From the download page, click ‘Download’ and then select, ‘Installable WordPress file only’.

Once your WordPress is downloaded to your computer you want to log into your WordPress dashboard.

From the left panel go to hover over the ‘Appearance’ option and click ‘Themes’. 

How to Install WordPress Theme Easy

On the top of the page, click ‘Add New’.

On the next page click, ‘Upload Theme’. On this page, you will see…

Add New WordPress Theme
Upload New WordPress Theme

Click the, “Browse..” button. A dialog box will open, go to the location of where your theme is saved on your computer. Once you locate the .zip theme file select it and click ‘Open’.

Browse for These

After your theme has uploaded click, ‘Activate’.

Congratulations you’ve just installed a WordPress theme!

In the next lesson, I will show you the best WordPress settings.

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