How to Get Hosting and Domain & Install WordPress FAST

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Starting a blog or website with WordPress has never been simpler, in fact, you can have your site up in minutes with this guide. This is a very simple set up as the hosting provider does all the work for you!

As I mentioned in a previous lesson, A2 Hosting is the best hosting for your site, so in this tutorial, I am going to show you how to everything on their site.

How to Setup Hosting and Domain for Website and Blog

First, you want to head over to A2 Hosting by clicking the link below. A new window will appear with hosting options.

Take me to A2 Hosting! < Click this

How to Get Hosting and Domain

From the hosting page, the best option for your blog or website is the ‘Swift’ plan. Click the button “Get Swift”.

Now it’s time to enter your domain name that you came up with. Don’t have a domain idea? Get domain ideas

Once you’ve entered your available domain, and you get the confirmation that it is available you can click on ‘Continue’.

Domain for Blog

Then you will be redirected to the order summary page.

I know what you may be thinking, “WHOA! That’s a lot of money!” No worries we can fix that. Under the section on the left that says, ‘Billing Cycle’ change ’36 Month Price’ to ‘1 Month Price’. You will see the price drop substantially.

Discount Hosting and Domain

If you are planning on having your site for at least a year, paying for the yearly subscription will be the most cost-efficient, otherwise, the monthly plan will suffice. You’ll just end up paying more in the long run.

How to Install WordPress FAST

Now if you scroll down the bottom section you will see options about installing WordPress on the hosting plan.

Make sure under the ‘Auto-Install Application’ section, ‘WordPress – A2 Optimized’ is selected. You will also see your login credentials below that. Make sure to write those down because you will need them to log into your new WordPress site. Then click the continue button.

How to Install WordPress FAST

On the next page, you will see additional upgrades, I am not a big fan of upgrades but you can never go wrong with the privacy option. I’ll leave that up to you. Once you are done click continue.

How to Get Domain Privacy

The final step is to review your order and then check out! A2 Hosting will then begin installing your WordPress site with your domain and hosting and you will be able to access your brand new site within minutes!

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